Dems Admit they’ll lose 2022 Midterms

Ed: The phrase ‘message reboot’ simply means what sort of lies and spin can we concoct this time? Clearly the democrats have little grassroots appeal, aside from the fact they are not ‘evil republicans’. Yet the dems current cascade of broken promises and inability to do anything useful, together with a demented President and universally hated VP, won’t bring in new voters.

But this obvious disarray and uncertainty allows the GOP to firstly take back congress and later the Whitehouse, to continue the 30-year legislative deadlock to real change. Although bad for Americans, this would certainly please the soulless plutocrats and corporations that own congress.

We could logically conclude this ineptitude is a deliberate strategy, really part of a larger plan for the party to revert to their true purpose and hidden agenda

Interview below from Jan 2017 with young Nick Brana who worked in the Sanders campaign in 2016, discussing the true purpose of the democrat party. Glenn Greenwald gave another interview, following Nina’s loss in Ohio, which only adds further weight to Nick’s argument. He also asks why does the democrat party retain such blind loyalty from voters and progressives we send to congress, when they break promises and deny you everything you ask for…

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