Obama Was A ‘Do Nothing Fraud’

“Obama was very dangerous for anyone who cares about the progressive left…”

It’s clear that the democrat party has not only deserted the needs of the people, but has an absolute hatred for the left, especially those who once followed the Sanders movement and the policies he promoted in 2016. As Glenn notes, it seems all the progressives we put in congress don’t seem to mind and are happy to live in this abusive, demeaning relationship, getting nothing in return…

Harry Belafonte reminding us of the democrat party’s true nature back in 2005, calling for a new direction. Even when Obama was elected, he continued his betrayal of Americans, that ultimately resulted in the election of Trump, following 8 years of broken promises. Him promoting Hillary, a widely despised candidate, didn’t help. Obama was also instrumental in ensuring Sanders failed again in 2020, promoting Biden, who has already broken almost every promise he made, meaning a return [again] to republican rule next time. Rinse and repeat this con-game, forever…..

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