Barack Obama, the real narcissist president

Obama, once you look beyond the obvious intelligence, looks and wonderful oratory, was just another grifter president, concerned only about his own ego, power plus helping those on Wall St, Pharma and the military, who funded his campaigns.

Certainly as Krystal said, he has no personal connection to those loyal people who worked on his campaign and made him King… A pity it’s taken a decade for people to see the truth of this selfish conman. Without doubt, Trump was a conman too, just he didn’t dress or speak as well.

And as it is with so many war monger puppet presidents, it gets worse. The more we dig into Obama, the more shit we find as we would with most US presidents. Obama just had a lot more finesse, style and intelligence. Acting skills that easily surpass Reagan or Clinton, which the mainstream media loved.

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