The Realignment | Building a third party

This is a fascinating hour-long show from Saagars & Marshalls own podcast, the realignment. They interview Frank DiStefano, a brilliant writer living in Washington, D.C., and author of The Next Realignment: Why America’s Parties are Crumbling and What Happens Next

Editors note: Frank provides an interesting and highly detailed perspective on the US 2-party system. Why there’s a clash of ideologies and needless turmoil. However his views, like most commentators on the left and the right, appears largely based upon the assumption that the US is a real democracy, with fair, open elections.

To academics that study America, it is clearly an Oligarchy, with corporations and plutocrats largely controlling the party financing, media, even influencing the election processes via various ‘legal’ means, then controlling and determining what laws are written and then passed, since they ‘own’ the politicians…

An alternative perspective on our system comes from a short 2017 interview with the young Nick Brana, who is attempting to build a third party. As Frank himself said, this won’t be easy, even if most Americans want it. Recent polls indicate 62% do. In spite of his obvious youth and touch of naiveite, Nick Brana played an active part in the 2016 Sanders campaign, where he gained inside knowledge of how the democrat party machine actually works. What’s clear is that all this is more a class and a democracy debate, than any left-right one…

Maybe these people (Saagar, Krystal, Marshall and Nick) should get together and openly debate what could work….

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